1. The purpose of the Collective is to grow, cultivate, harvest, and distribute medicinal cannabis to qualified California patients who have valid physician recommendation letters, as prescribed by law, recommending to them the medicinal use of marijuana, as provided by Health and Safety Code section 11362.5 and the provisions of the California Compassionate Use Act.

2. The prospective member whose signature appears below agrees that the Member will follow all rules required of members by law or by decision of the membership. Specifically each member promises to obey all provisions of the Compassionate Use Act. Members will not re-distribute medical marijuana obtained through this collective in any manner contrary to law, whether by sale or gift, to any person who is not themselves a member in good standing of this patient collective.

3. All persons growing or supplying medical marijuana products to and through this patient collective must themselves be members in good standing and must agree to all rules binding upon members generally.

4. Members agree to maintain a current and valid doctor’s recommendation letter on file with the books and records of the collective, from a physician licensed to practice in California, not suspended or in any unlicensed condition, and who can validate the recommendation letter on request from the collective at any time during business hours. If verification of a member’s letter proves to be impossible, then the collective has the right to require that the member procure a new and valid, verifiable patient recommendation letter, or else the collective has the right to terminate the membership.

5. The collective operates as a non-profit organization under the rules for non-profit organizations in California. The collective retains the right to incorporate as a non-profit corporation at any time when this step may be legally beneficial to the collective and its members. In such event all members in good standing of the collective before incorporation shall without further formalities be and become members in good standing of the collective as incorporated.

6. Further rules may be made at any time by the organizers subject to votes of the members.